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We at Great Lakes Veterinary Clinic have the privilege of  working with some of the top breeders of both dogs and cats in the country.  We offer services ranging from breeding artificial, surgical insemination to C-sections.  For the stud dog owners we offer semen collection and evaluation as well as fresh chilled semen shipping capabilities and infertility workups.

**We recommend testing for Brucellosis on males and females.
**Vaginal cytology is used to help determine where the female is in their cycle, but is not useful by itself.
**Progesterone test will give a perspective view of ovulation. Start progesterone testing 7 to 9 days at the start of estrus.
**The method of insemination and progesterone results will help to determine the best day to breed.
**We can palpate or use our ultrasound to see if your dog is pregnant between 21 and 28 days.
**One week before the due date (after day 55) we recommend an X-ray to count how many puppies you will be expecting.
**Puppies are born 63 days from ovulation day.

For more information or if we can meet your particular breeding challenge please feel free to contact the clinic and speak to one of the technicians.