Health Certificates

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Health Certificates are United States government documents that are needed to move animals across state or international borders.  Their purpose is for animal identification and monitoring of animal movement for disease prevention.

Interstate - The interstate health certificate is needed for travel from one state to another state.  It requires an exam by an accredited veterinarian stating the pet is free of infectious disease and has a current vaccine status.  A copy of the paperwork (Health Certificate) is to be with the pet during interstate movement.

International - An international health certificate allows animals to move from one country to another country.  The first step requires an inspection by an accredited veterinarian who will declare the animal is free of disease.  The next step requires an inspection by a USDA government veterinarian before the animal can leave the United States.  GLVC does not employ any USDA veterinarians.  Each importing country will have different requirements so it is wise to check on these six months prior to export.  Export to Canada is an exception in that only an interstate health certificate is required to bring a pet into that country.

***Please bring: 
Address of the destination.
Proof of rabies if done at another clinic.
Be proactive - look up the rules/regulations for the state which you will be traveling to at: